Why Choose Us

43 Proposals accepted in the past year, 36 Websites in the past 2 years (22 in 2016), 100+ Satisfied clients in the past 5 years

Years in industry (1997)

We have worked extensively with service related companies in Mortgage, Healthcare, Fitness, Life Coaching, Food Services, Jewellery, Lighting, Charitable Organizations, Pets, Event Management, Education industries.


Build Relationships

You are more than just a client to us.

Agile Approach

We create your own personalized marketing solution.

Office centrally located in Calgary

We are easily accessible.

Mobile Sales

We come to you.

Multidisciplinary Team

Our team consist of very diverse and talented individuals that work effectively together.

Adaptable project Management

We adjust on the fly.

Our Work

By utilizing all types of mediums, we are able to communicate your message loud and clear on various platforms. We create what you need to help your business flourish. Feel free to browse through some of our work and contact us to let us know how we can assist you.

About Us


iEvolve Designs is a Calgary based branding & marketing company that specializes in helping companies make their mark in the world. We keep in mind the importance of your vision and your message; therefore, we strategically analyze them, in order to plan and use creative and engaging marketing strategies that fit you and your business.

In addition, exceeding expectations plays a significant role in everything we do. With more than a decade of experience under our belts, we have learned the importance of combining your vision with our creative abilities, to enhance your message.