At iEvolve designs, we tackle projects differently and strategically. We follow a certain process that we believe is effective in building a relationship with you and finding the solution you need. Your involvement and participation is something we value for each step, so we developed a process that will have you engaged in the project, where we work side by side in building the marketing system that perfectly fits you. If you are curious about how we work, scroll down and see our process

Our Process

This is what your journey with us will look like:

We meet with you one on one, assess the situation and figure out what needs to be solved.

Concept creation starts here. Taking what was discussed from the initial consultation, this step includes brainstorming ideas, which then leads to a proposal.

This step is where your ideas start coming to life. An initial design will be created for your approval.

Once draft design has been approved, we start executing the final design.

We release your assets (Your website will go live, design will be printed etc.)

It does not end here- we review and analyze what has been done, for future improvements.