We may be iEvolve Designs but we offer more than just design. As a marketing company, we expanded into different areas of marketing that will help significantly increase your reach. During the first few sessions with us, we will strategically figure out which services would effectively catch your intended audience and which ones would generate the income you need. If you are interested with knowing more, scroll down and see what we have to offer.


Branding & Identity

Help discover your voice and how to represent your vision.

These are not simply creative endeavours but also involve research, analysis, and managed implementation to ensure your visual materials portray the essence of your brand.

We strive to make sure that your brand will clearly represent your company’s/ organization’s identity, culture, DNA and customer experience. Does your brand reflect who you really are?

If you are unsure or have any questions regarding this aspect, give us a call and we would love to help and become part of building your brand! Browse some of our branding work here.

Web Design

Build the perfect employee that works 24/7.

Our approach creates a strong brand that is the cornerstone of a powerful connection between you and your audience and provides you with strong visual communication channels.

Our designers’ goal is to not only create visually appealing materials, but to also effectively deliver your message and story to its intended audience. Following our process, we will strategically develop strong visuals that are suitable and fitting to your brand and ones that will also tie in with your marketing objectives. Browse some of our graphic design work here.

Digital & Print Design

Build brand awareness through custom logo’s, business cards, and brochures.

Your communications and interactions are unified through cohesive branding and we can help you extend your reach by creating websites, landing pages, and mobile-friendly sites built to enhance your brand.

A website is more than just a set template. Our web designers/ programmers focus on UX design (User experience design), where your website’s layout is strategically designed to increase traffic in your site. Although we have many clients that we work with, each one of their websites are designed uniquely and with purpose. View some of them here.

Video & Animation

Connect with your customers and bring your product to life.

Video production has become a powerful marketing tool used to promote your company. It not only broadcasts a message but also increases the exposure of your company and brand. We can assist you with exposing your message and who you are, through media or the use of video animation.

Today, many view use of media as one of the most powerful marketing tools. There has been an increase with vlogging (video blogging) and video production because most believe that it creates that  sense of transparency and it appears to be more genuine. Here are some clients that have used media and video as their marketing tools.


Become discovered through google rankings.

We can help engage your customers and constantly build their interest through developing and creating content and design for newsletters, blogs, SEO, SEM, and more!