Brandyn Funk

Junior Designer/

Brandyn would much prefer living in a world run by circus ring leaders and governed by super heroes. Fish could climb trees, words would contain no silent letters and every square on waffles is filled to the brim with syrup. Wouldn’t that be interesting!?

Maybe my imagination is a little more active than yours, but that imagination and creative outlook on the world is exactly why I knew I’d be so much more effective working with my mind rather than my hands. After nearly a decade of acquiring skills in the retail sector, like becoming extremely gifted in short selling rocking horses and becoming a real dynamo in managing action figures. It was time Brandyn focused his energy on something more fruitful.  Becoming the Graphic Designer the world… No, you need him to be.

After attending the fast track program at Reeves College (and graduating as valedictorian), it was evident I was on the right track. Now nearing the five (5) year mark in the industry, I am not even close to unlocking my full potential.