Gonzalo Garcia Espana

Designer/ Junior Developer/

From my hometown (Burgos, Spain), I moved to Tenerife (Canary Islands) to study astrophysics and then failed… so I jumped into Electronics Engineering and made it through successfully, but something was still missing…

I knew from the moment I started drawing at a young age, that I would never stop putting all the creative ideas that came to my mind, into life. I developed a passion in anything art related and I found myself exploring new ways of expressing it. I went from sketching/painting on paper to customizing caps, wood boards, paper toys and even fridge customization.

Later on, I fell in love with street art where I met many amazing artists in Tenerife who gave me the motivational boost and inspiration that I needed to pursue my passion for art. This led to several great street art projects and expos.

Although I was taking a completely different course in University, I managed to continue improving my skills without ignoring my studies. My curiosity led me to researching more about design and learning from others for personal growth.

After graduating from Electronics Engineering, I decided to open up my own company with some friends and got involved in an awesome project that lasted for just about a year. This short experience inspired me to move on and possibly improve my English, so I could take what I have learned to different places. This was when I travelled into Canada.

Working in Food Services, I met Joel (iEvolve Designs Creative Director) and after a brief chat, he was curious about my work. After meeting for coffee, he loved my work and I was hired on the spot! This is when I knew what I was missing… I realized that art and design is a part of me and I now want to be an inspiration to others through my work and experience.