Jireh Palillo

Content Strategist/

I am who they call “The Adventurer” …or the short girl who is just full of surprises.

As a curious individual who travelled and lived in various parts of the world, exploring new possibilities in order to reach new heights has been an integral part of my way of life.

I am one who constantly seeks for solutions and changes, even if the problem isn’t evident because I believe in constant improvement.

With this belief in mind, I decided to pursue the Information Design program offered at Mount Royal University. Information Design as defined by the University,  “involves gathering and understanding, collaborating and engaging, planning and organizing, writing and design. It is content-driven and contextually-dependent, while remaining in the service of those who will become the information’s users: individuals and communities” (MRU). This program triggered my passion to help improve communication and effectively convey the intended message through various platforms; but mainly in content and writing – My desire is to be able to help you tell your story!

As the little adventurer that I am, flexibility and adaptability became my solid characteristics. I am open to any tasks, challenges or opportunities – I am willing to do whatever is needed of me whenever it is needed. If you place me in a new situation or environment, you can definitely count on me to find ways to adjust and be the problem solver.

I believe my journey will never end because there is always room for more growth experience. If you have a story to tell, I will be a friend and help you get it out there!