Joel Kelly

Creative director/

I have always been on a journey driven by the desire to learn all I can and to embrace the truths of life so that I can become a stronger person and help others in the process.

Integrity, honor, and standing up for those who don’t have a voice are an integral part of my core character. There is so much to learn, and I am always looking to grow and challenge myself to reach the next milestone investing my heart into everything I do both in life and in business; for me, the two are synonymous.

I truly understand that your brand is the “voice” of your business and that each voice is unique to that individual company. The message I create for you needs to attract the attention and get your target audiences to not only engage, but to be inspired by your brand and rally to your cause.

As Owner of iEvolve Designs I am committed to capturing the soul of your business giving you a voice that calls to the heart of individuals who need and are seeking exactly what you have to offer.

As the world becomes more disconnected, I work to create websites and designs that introduce the simple human element of heart to your brand.

I have the innate ability to take what is in a person’s heart and make it a reality through visual communication. My attention to detail and ability to read between the lines and extract what you are working to communicate happens on a whole new level!

Get in contact with me today and let iEvolve Designs help you lead your industry by example.
Specialties: branding and identity, consulting, graphic design, marketing, print, web design