Sam Fraser

Senior Developer/ Programmer/

At ten years old, watching the ball bounce between two paddles and knowing that we had made this happen (my uncle and me), was a defining moment for me.  Only a couple hours before, there was just a blank canvas but with just a few dozen lines of code, we had our very own ugly, buggy version of Pong.

Within a few months, I had my own book on learning how to program that I was working through.  Just me, a computer, and hundreds of pages of functions and variables, loops and conditions, classes, methods, errors, and debugging.  It was glorious.

After riding the roller coaster of life for a while, taking a fast-track programming course from SAIT was my declaration that this is the industry I want my career to be in.  The primary things taught to me at SAIT was to learn quickly and be adaptable – and oh boy was it appreciated!.

Web development is one of the fastest-evolving industries in the world.  What was common sense a few years ago is mostly obsolete now.  The more I learn, the more I realize I’m only scratching the surface of what’s possible.

In every project I’m learning, honing my skills, refining code I thought was already perfect, and finding new solutions.  Now I’m even being entrusted with a leadership role – finding ways to improve not only my own work but also elevate my co-workers to new heights as well.

How much will I have improved tomorrow, I wonder?